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Financial Sector Policies

Financial Sector

These courses provide the basic finance to assess benefits and costs of financial instruments, institutions, and markets in a macroeconomic context. The focus is on risks and mitigating policies.

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy

These courses provide a comprehensive analytical framework to understand and assess public finance choices and covers macro-fiscal issues, including revenue and expenditure policies; fiscal frameworks, institutions, and rules; and fiscal sustainability.

General Macroeconomics Analysis

General Macroeconomics

The General Macroeconomic Analysis courses are designed to equip officials with the ability to interpret macroeconomic developments using various techniques and apply analysis to policy formation and forecasting.

Legal Issues

Legal Issues

These courses are presented by IMF’s Legal Department and topics include legal aspects of central banking and financial institutions, fiscal and tax law design, and anti-money laundering.

Macroeconomic Statistics

Macroeconomic Statistics

These courses are presented by IMF’s Statistics Department and topics include macroeconomic statistics covering national accounts, prices, money and financial sector, balance of payments, financial soundness, and government finance.

Monetary and Financial Sector

Monetary and Financial Sector

The topic is presented by the IMF’s Monetary and Capital Markets Department and includes courses on banking supervision, stress testing, financial regulation, and macro-financial risk analysis.

Monetary, Exchange Rate and Capital Account Policies

Exchange Rate

These courses share concepts, tools, models and good practices underlying monetary, exchange rate and capital-account policies to promote macroeconomic and financial stability.

Safeguards Assessments

Safegaurds Assessment

These courses are presented by IMF’s Finance Department and topics include assessment of central bank governance, transparency, and accountability to strengthen the safeguards framework at central banks.

Specialized Fiscal Issues

Specialized Fiscal Issues

These courses are presented by IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department and topics include tax policy and administration, expenditure policy, public financial management, strengthening fiscal institutions and managing risks, and medium term budgetary framework.

Inclusive Growth and Structural Policies

Special Topics

The other courses cover issues which have recently gained prominence, including energy subsidies, inclusive growth, managing natural resources, regional integration, and vulnerability diagnostics.

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    Financial Programming and Policies (FPP)

    Language: Arabic

    August 19, 2019-August 30, 2019 (2 Weeks)

    Washington, D.C., United States

    Officials from ministries of finance, economy, and planning and central banks who advise on or help implement macroeconomic and financial policies.

    Apply online by April 12, 2019

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    Energy Subsidy Reform (ESRx)

    Language: Arabic

    January 16, 2019-February 27, 2019 (4.2 Weeks)

    Course Conducted Online, United States

    All government officials are welcome to register. Officials in the public sector, in particular those whose work relates to economic policy design and implementation, could benefit from the course. The course is offered in Arabic.

    Deadline for the application has passed.

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    Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts and Analysis (FPP.1x)

    Language: Arabic (Arabic)

    May 1, 2019-October 31, 2019 (6.2 Weeks)

    Course Conducted Online, United States

    All government officials are welcome to register. The course is particularly relevant for officials in ministries of finance, economy, and planning and central banks who advise on macroeconomic and financial policies or who are involved in policyimplementation. The course is offered in English, French, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.

    Apply online by April 24, 2019


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Fiscal Policy Analysis (FPA)


March 3, 2019-March 14, 2019

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Monetary Policy (MP)


April 29, 2019-May 10, 2019

Vienna, Austria

Fiscal Sustainability (FS)


February 25, 2019-March 8, 2019

Ebene, Mauritius