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    Monetary Policy (MP)

    Language: Spanish

    June 12, 2017-June 23, 2017 (2 Weeks)

    Brasilia, Brazil

    Junior to mid-level senior officials from emerging markets and low income countries interested in understanding and analyzing the implementation of monetary policy and its interaction with rest of the economy.

    Deadline for the application has passed.

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    Strengthening Fiscal Institutions and Managing Fiscal Risks (SFR)

    Language: Spanish (English)

    October 16, 2017-October 20, 2017 (1 Week)

    Brasilia, Brazil

    Mid- to senior-level officials in ministries of finance, treasuries, debt management offices, ministries of economy, general accounting offices, or financial planning divisions in line ministries.

    Apply online by July 24, 2017

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    Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting (MPAF)

    Language: Spanish

    October 16, 2017-October 27, 2017 (2 Weeks)

    Brasilia, Brazil

    Mid- to senior-level officials involved in monetary policy decision making and staff involved in macroeconomic analysis and forecasting, or operating macroeconomic models.

    Apply online by July 24, 2017

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    Financial Sector Policies (FSP)

    Language: English (Spanish)

    October 30, 2017-November 10, 2017 (2 Weeks)

    Brasilia, Brazil

    Junior- to senior-level government officials involved in setting policy for the financial sector, specifically including the staff of the central bank, financial regulatory agencies, and any other agencies involved in micro or macroprudential oversight.

    Apply online by August 07, 2017

The Joint Regional Training Center for Latin America in Brazil (BTC) was established in 2001 by the Government of Brazil and the IMF. Courses are offered in Spanish and English.

Selection Process: Courses at BTC are by invitation only. Candidates are nominated by government agencies upon the request of the responsible IMF department.

Self-Financed Policy: Candidates from international agencies, advanced regional countries, and local staff in IMF Resident Representatives' offices who apply to courses at our regional training centers and programs, if accepted, will be given the status of self-financed. Attending as self-financed provides the same access to course content and activities, but all associated costs (accommodation, travel, and per diem) need to be covered by the sponsoring institution.

Contact: Ms. Juliana Mozachi Sandri (Executive Manager - UniBacen)
Address: University of the Central Bank of Brazil (UniBacen),
Setor de Clubes Esportivos Sul,
Trecho 2, Conjunto 31-Lotes 1A/1B,
CEP: 70200-002
Brasilia, DF, Brazil

Telephone: +55 (61) 3414-5082

Fax: +55 (61) 3414-5144


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