Legal Frameworks for Banking Supervision and Resolution (LBSR)

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Course No.: AT 19.13
Location: Ebene, Mauritius
Date: February 11, 2019-February 15, 2019 (1 Week)
Language: English

Target Audience:

Central bank, ministry of finance, bank supervisory, resolution authority, and deposit insurance agency lawyers involved in bank regulation and supervision, bank resolution, and crisis management. Because the course is for senior counsels, participants should have a thorough understanding of legal issues related to the financial sector. Attendance is by invitation only. Prerequisites are specified in the nomination request letters.


Participants are expected to be qualified lawyers with a background advising ministries of finance or other government agencies on legal aspects of fiscal policy or on drafting fiscal legislation. Attendance is by invitation only. Prerequisites are specified in the nomination request letters.

Course Description:

This course, presented by the IMF Legal Department, focuses on legal design aspects of current issues related to fiscal and tax laws. It covers a wide range of topics currently on fiscal policy agendas around the world in this era of fiscal tightening. Examples of issues covered are: current taxation issues, such as cross-border issues and base erosion, and the design of instruments in the areas of income tax and general consumption taxes (e.g., VAT) to address them; „„ budget law issues, such as sound legal principles for organic budget laws, designing fiscal rules, fiscal coordination in a federal context, and the role of fiscal councils; „„ aspects of public debt management (PDM) and securities, including legal and institutional aspects of PDM and the issuance of public debt securities; and designing legal frameworks for sovereign wealth funds and state-owned enterprises.

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:
  • Explain the links between various aspects of the fiscal law and their implications.
  • Identify legal and current policy issues in various aspects of fiscal law and best practice approaches to addressing them, such as law reform.
  • Identify legal design approaches that have proven effective, based on cross-jurisdictional experiences shared by presenters and fellow participants.

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