Macroeconometric Modeling and Forecasting Using EViews (INS-CRS)

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Course No.: IT 18.07
Location: Washington, D.C., United States
Date: July 16, 2018-July 20, 2018 (1 Week)
Language: English

Course Description:

This course covers modern time-series econometric estimation techniques, model selection, hypothesis testing, forecasting, programming, and simulation using the EViews econometrics package. EViews offers powerful modeling capabilities that are ideally suited for time-series econometric analysis, including dynamic systems modeling and estimation, stochastic forecasting from systems of equations, and a programming language. The course will first introduce EViews' three operating modes, which will be applied during the first day to data entry and storage, display of data, variable transformations, and basic regression analysis. Intermediate and advanced topics in time-series econometrics presented in days two through five are: (i) univariate analysis: stochastic vs. deterministic trends; (ii) formal unit root testing; (iii) autoregressive distributed lag models; (iv) vector autoregressions; (v) cointegration and vector error correction models; (vi) stochastic forecasting; and (vii) simulation programming. The pedagogic approach is fully interactive, and illustrated with international data.

Target Audience: Staff and research economists interested in a course on macroeconomic modeling and forecasting employing contemporary methods of time series econometrics. Working knowledge of basic econometrics is assumed. 

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