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    Macroeconomic Diagnostics (MDS)

    Language: English

    November 6, 2017-November 17, 2017 (2 Weeks)

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    Mid-to-senior level officials in central banks and ministries of finance or economy who are directly involved in diagnosing the state of the macro-economy and making projections.

    Apply online by September 29, 2017

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    Macroeconometric Forecasting and Analysis (MFA)

    Language: English

    December 4, 2017-December 15, 2017 (2 Weeks)

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    Government officials involved in developing macro-econometric models and forecasting for the analysis, design, and implementation of macroeconomic policy.

    Apply online by October 27, 2017

The Georgia Training Program (GTP) was established in 2014 by The MOF and the IMF, in cooperation with the JVI. Courses are offered in English.

Selection Process: Participation is by invitation only. Candidates are nominated by government agencies upon the request for nominations by ICD.

Self-Financed Policy: Candidates from international agencies, advanced regional countries, and local staff in IMF Resident Representatives' offices who apply to courses at our regional training centers and programs, if accepted, will be given the status of self-financed. Attending as self-financed provides the same access to course content and activities, but all associated costs (accommodation, travel, and per diem) need to be covered by the sponsoring institution.

Contact: Tamar Japaridze
Director, Ministry of Finance Academy, Georgia

Address: 10 Gorgasali St.Tbilisi, 0114, Georgia
Telephone: (+995 32) 226 10 26


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Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts & Analysis (FPP.1x)


April 26, 2017-June 7, 2017

Course Conducted Online, United States

Financial Programming and Policies, Part 1: Macroeconomic Accounts & Analysis (FPP.1x)


May 10, 2017-June 21, 2017

Course Conducted Online, United States

Financial Development and Financial Inclusion (FDFI)


October 9, 2017-October 20, 2017

Singapore, Singapore