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IMF Institute Training Programs in Singapore, Singapore (STI). In collaboration with the Government of Singapore, the Institute for Capacity Development organizes courses for officials from countries in the Asia/Pacific region at the IMF - Singapore Regional Training Institute (STI). This program was inaugurated in 1998.

Officials from Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Republic of Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and small non-member Pacific island countries may be invited to selected courses.

Selection Process: Courses are either by application or by invitation. For courses by invitation, candidates are nominated by government agencies upon the request of the responsible IMF department.

Self-Financed Policy: Candidates from international agencies, advanced regional countries, and local staff in IMF Resident Representatives' offices who apply to courses at our regional training centersand programs, if accepted, will be given the status of self-financed. Attending as self-financed provides the same access to course content and activities, but all associated costs (accommodation, travel, and per diem) need to be covered by the sponsoring institution.

Contact: Mr. Stephan Danninger,

Address: IMF - Singapore Regional Training Institute
10 Shenton Way
MAS Building 14-03
Singapore 079117

Telephone: +65 (6) 225-5311
Fax: +65 (6) 225-6080
Website: The current schedule and a full description of the courses and seminars listed on this site are also available at the the IMF - Singapore Regional Training Institute (STI) website.


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Application deadline is approaching for:

Inclusive Growth (IG)


October 15, 2018-October 26, 2018

Ebene, Mauritius

Fiscal Sustainability (FS)


December 9, 2018-December 20, 2018

Kuwait City, Kuwait