Financial Programming and Policies Part 2: Program Design

Financial Programming and Policies: Part 2

This online course builds on the FPP.1x course and aims at extending participants’ understanding of the design and implementation of macroeconomic and financial policies. Specifically, the course presents simple forecasting methods for each sector of the macroeconomy, diagnosis of macroeconomic performance under baseline assumptions, and preparation of a macroeconomic adjustment program for a case study country. 

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to: 

• Construct baseline projections of the real, external, government, and monetary sectors using sector specific variables. 

• Describe the interrelations among the sectors in both accounting and behavioral terms. 

• Create consistent one-year economic projections under the assumption of unchanged policies. 

• Use a macroeconomic model to analyze the effects of policy changes on a forecast. 

• Identify and appraise the economic vulnerabilities inherent in an emerging market economy. 

• Prepare a macroeconomic policy program scenario using a given set of data.

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