Financial Programming and Policies

Financial Programming and Policies

This course aims at teaching participants how to both diagnose macroeconomic imbalances and correct them through a coordinated set of adjustment policies. It covers the principal features of the four main macroeconomic sectors (real, fiscal, external, and monetary/financial) and the interrelations among them, both accounting and behavioral relationships, using data from a country case study.

Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to: 

• Analyze economic and financial developments of a country in the region using historical data and a hands-on, Excel-based framework. 

• Create consistent one-year economic projections under the assumption of unchanged policies. 

• Identify economic vulnerabilities and risks under a baseline scenario and policy measures to address them.

• Prepare an adjustment scenario which reflects these policy measures and their macro impacts. 

• Identify further policy goals and measures beyond the oneyear horizon that will be incorporated into a medium-term framework. Region-specific variations of the FPP course are available using different case studies